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So. You've broken the law, you've been declared an OUTLAW, and a city guard has arrested you. What's next?

There is no judge, no jury, and no appeals process; such are the faded relics of imperfect legal systems and are totally unnecessary in Lawful cities. There is, however, a jail; once arrested, outlaws are dragged there and left to rot until the jailer feels like dealing with you. This usually doesn't take very long; the jailer of a Lawful city loves his job. His job is to review your case and decide what punishment is necessary. You might be sent home to think about your crimes; you might be assessed a fine; or you might be sent to Death Row to enter the executioner's queue. The outcome is predicated on your history of prior arrests, the severity of your crime, your financial status, and whether the jailer had breakfast that morning. (Hey, at least he admits his decisions are arbitrary. You're a criminal; you'll take what you get!)

A tally of the number of times your incarnation has been arrested is listed in the SCORE command, in the field "Arrests".

Characters may view their arrest tally using their score command.