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Many years ago, the king of Midgaard City contracted with a powerful security cartel to provide indefinite protective services for the area. Over time, this hired help has evolved from a band of thugs into a sizable group of city guards and elite enforcers. A misanthropic jailer wields executive power over detainees in cramped, dirty facilities that are a relic of the original Midgaardian settlement. The city's executioner is a morbid fellow with sadistic tendencies. It's all a bit savage, but the system ensures that the rules are mostly followed; and the guards extend protection to all law-abiding citizens.

Recently, a distant cousin of the Midgaard executioner settled into Mervue. Shortly thereafter, for unspecified reasons, the mayor made several rather drastic changes to the city's legal code. The Mervue executioner hired an appropriately cruel person to manage the two-cell prison, and citizens of Mervue are now subject to the same draconian "protections" provided to Midgaard citizens.

Wronging a citizen under the protection of a lawful city will cause you to branded as an OUTLAW almost immediately, and punishment is sure to follow if you are caught.

Membership in a law-bound state is not a matter of physical appearance but a state of mind; properly trained psionicists have found a way to discern whether a person holds such allegiance. Those trained in the ways of rogues can also discern whether a person's mannerisms are those of a conscientious citizen.


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