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An account from Wyland the Druid: After meditation and fasting, I was ready to reach that inner calm that allows a druid to become a living tree. This stasis is an experience reserved for those within the highest Circles of magic. I was unsure if I was ready for this step, and in truth that should have given me a hint, but I was young and ambitious to be one with the forest. I began the incantation and sensed a wrongness in my words. Small mistakes in inflection or possibly something I had yet to learn, when I finished I was not a young Oak bending in the wind. I was still Wyland, with skin made of rough bark. After several years of study, I was able to remove the spell and now it is a common practice among druids for defense. (Modifies AC by -30)

Prerequisite(s): none.

Syntax: cast 'barkskin' <character>.

This spell is rather valuable for buffing oneself or others.

See also Barkskin Gear.