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A well placed sock to the back of the neck, and even the staunchest guard will crumble like goblin architecture. This is the perfect time to borrow belongings or gold from lenders who might otherwise be stingy. Several Rogue guilds make liberal use of blackjacks to keep outsiders away. There is, of course, a chance the attack will fail, mostly depending on the quality of the blackjack being used. Although blackjacks are weapon-like, they are totally useless in a melee, so blackjacks are considered rogue tools, and not weapon items. Since blackjacking knocks targets out so fast, the rogue can generally escape legal troubles, unless another guard or citizen catches him in the act. Blackjack is affected by your race's innate stealthiness. Large or clumsy races may be spotted moving in for the kill.

Prerequisite(s): Rogue Lore.

Syntax: blackjack <mob>.