Gold In Hand

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This field shows how many gold coins a character is carrying; it ignores gemstones, which also have monetary value.

It increases as characters (1) loot gold coins from mob corpses or lockboxes that contain them, (2) steal gold coins from mobs that carry them, (3) receive gold coins from other characters, (4) get money-type objects, or (5) withdraw gold coins at a bank.

It decreases as characters (1) buy goods or services, (2) are pickpocketed by thieving mobs, (3) give gold coins to other characters, (4) drop gold coins, or (5) deposit gold coins at a bank.

Gold in hand is typically used either (1) to buy desired objects from shopkeepers or (2) to pay for other useful services, either from certain mobs (namely, etchers, healers, identifiers, or smiths) or in certain rooms (namely, infirmaries or pet shops). Note that, when purchasing things from other characters, payment is usually expected in gemstones rather than in gold coins.

Characters may view their gold in hand using their score command.

See also Gold in Bank and Gold Weight.