Bronze Kilt

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Long plates of bronze have been sewn together over a leather kilt, creating a fairly solid piece of armour for your legs. The style is archaic is the extreme, but it looks like it will be effective enough.

Modifies damage roll by 2 continuous
Modifies save vs spell by 15 continuous
Modifies save vs spell by 60 continuous
Modifies moves by -120 continuous
Modifies hp by 15 continuous
Modifies mana by 9 continuous
Modifies armor class by -40 continuous

Keyword(s): bronze kilt collection plates
Type: armor
Slot: legs
Levels: Levels 51
Weight: 15 lbs
Bases: 10-12
Flags: none
Area: Glyntaff Pass (Map)


Please note that the saves are positive, thus worsening the resistances, and wearing these with Fatewalkers is going to take a hefty chunk out of your movement.