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Gear Quick-Links Table
Newbie Gear
1-10 Arch Gear 1-10 Hit Gear 1-10 Mana Gear 1-10 Tank Gear 1-10 "Casties"
11-20 Arch Gear 11-20 Hit Gear 11-20 Mana Gear 11-20 Tank Gear 11-20 "Casties"
21-30 Arch Gear 21-30 Hit Gear 21-30 Mana Gear 21-30 Tank Gear 21-30 "Casties"
31-40 Arch Gear 31-40 Hit Gear 31-40 Mana Gear 31-40 Tank Gear 31-40 "Casties"
41-50 Arch Gear 41-50 Hit Gear 41-50 Mana Gear 41-50 Tank Gear 41-50 "Casties"
Hero Arc / Hero Dru Hero Hit Gear Hero Mana Gear Hero Tank Gear Hero "Casties"
Containers Hit-Point Gear Move-Point Gear Saving-Throw Gear Stat & Level Gear
Lord Gear
Lord Arc Gear Lord Hit Gear Lord Mana Gear Lord Tank Gear Lord KDR Gear
Lord Hit (T2) Lord Mana (T2) Lord Tank (T2)
Gear-Changing Aliases

Recommended Gear

<used as light> Eye Of The Beholder(75), Cloud Of Fireflies(75)
2x <worn on finger> Random Ring(50) or Black Ring Of Typhus(40) or Demonic Ringband Of Typhus (50) or Ancient Ring(50)
2x <worn around neck> Mushroom-Shaped Amulet (Heartwood)(50 +2/2hr/dr +2con/wis) or Turquoise Mane(50) or Mantle Of Roses(50) or Talisman Of Innocent Blood(50) or Rune Of Life(50, -10ac)or Dryad Necklace(40mana -10svs) or Golden Torque(30mana -20svs, -5ac)
<worn on body> White Leather Dress(50) or Gold Chased Armor(50) or Plain Blue Robe (50)or Sea-Bleached Tunic(50)
<worn on head> Obsidian Helm(50) or Grand Serpent Hood(50) or Wide Leather Patch(50) or Sea-Bleached Hat(50) or Crown Of The Ages(50)
<worn on legs> Sea Priestess' Skirt (21 or 32) or Waterlace Leggings(15) or Sea-Bleached Trousers(15) or Topaz Studded Leggings(15) or Claddings Of Plated Toadstools(15)
<worn on feet> Plague Boots(80) or Small Toe-Ring(60)
<worn on hands> Silver Astral Gauntlets(30)
<worn on arms> Armbands Of Elemental Harmony(40) or Armbands Of Elemental Purity(40) or Armbands Of Elemental Fury(40) or Black Bracer(25)
<held in offhand> Gnarled Branch Of Age(100) or Shield Of The Tree(100)
<worn about body> Aura Of The Storyteller (70) or Red Velvet Cape(70) or Pitch-Black Robe(70)
<worn about waist> Belt Of Sorcery(50) or Girth Of The Most Holy(100) or Shimenawa(65, *)
2x <worn on wrist> Aura Of Elemental Power(25) or Manacle Of Shizaga's Chosen(20) or Sprite Ribcage(15)
<wielded> Gnarled Branch Of Age(100) or Cluster Of Orchids(100) or Runecovered Staff(185) or Kzinti Holy Scythe(40) or Crimson Spellshard(90)
<held> Mystical Desert Stone(50) or Focusing Staff(50)
* Racial Restrictions Apply - gear wearable by a specific subset of races.


A full set of mana gear will allow you to increase your mana by 977 (1027 with the Ultimate Dragon's Girth).

When running in mana gear, it's helpful to also keep a set of AC gear handy for you to swap into once you've used up the bonus mana you have from your equipment.

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