Captain Dieme

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His exhausted appearance indicates that the captain has been on Gorn's Anchor for entirely too long. "And who are you," he demands. "Bah, you're the least of my worries. That mayor needs to... reevaluate his priorities very soon. Hmm. While you're here, and seeing who I'm tired of tip-toing around the real issue, why don't you make my wishes perfectly clear to the mayor. Gorn's Anchor will be under the control of Lord Audis. Very very soon. It would be in the interest of the entire village to cooperate." The captain chuckles to himself as he settles back down into his paperwork, mumbling something about an interloper.

Keywords: Captain, Dieme
Level: 48
Alignment: angelic
Flags: steadfast, battle-hardened.
Affects: sanctuary.


Captain Dieme is using:
<worn on body>      a shiny leather vest
<wielded>           captain Dieme's saber
You peek at the inventory:
     a letter of ultimatum


Captain Dieme takes part in a minor quest.


Area: Gorn's Anchor (Map)
Room: Captain Dieme's Room (portable)
Walking route from Aelmon: 39s, 3w, 3n, 3e, 3n

Captain Dieme is portable.