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The formation of Gorn's Anchor is a tiny volcanic island not far off the main continent. It is supposedly the smallest inhabited island in the local archipelago. When the first fishing peoples arrived at the island, they named it for both the local monk clan (whose temple apparently predates all nearby island colonies) and for the everpresent plume of smoke from the island's volcano: visible even beyond the horizon, it seems to tether the island to the heavens. Coincidentally, Gorn's Anchor is also situated at a near perfect location from which to regulate trade between the surrounding islands. Surprisingly, Lord Audis has not yet established any official presence there. Captain Dieme, under the command of Lord Audis, is engaged in a conflict with the local monk clan over whether or not to set up a trading post. Both sides are stubborn, and the conflict may soon turn into a full blown invasion of Gorn's Anchor.

Level Range: 42-46

Builder: Neyne


Walking route from Aelmon: 39s, 3w, n (note: crosses water terrain).

Portaling point(s) suggested: Captain Dieme, Khurses The Barkeep, Bram The Wandering Trader.

Alternatively, portal to Cindare (aggressive) for easier access to the volcano or Temple of Gorn.



Gorn's Anchor consists of four main sections: the town square, the dock, the Temple of Gorn, and the volcano (which extends beneath the island). The area's entrance is at the south end of the town square, which has a wandering trader and shops at its four corners. To the north a circle of houses gently curves around a small park. The dock, where the Hammer and its crew rest, lies to the east. Opposite the dock on the west side of the square sits the imposing Temple of Gorn. The volcano, whose pitch black plume of smoke is as immutable as the island itself, is accessible through a mountain path that connects to the Temple.


The town square is populated mostly by low level peasants. Bram the trader wanders this section, and shops are in the square's four corners. The mayor lives on an adjoining row of houses to the north.

The dock is populated by dockworkers, soldiers, and mercenaries, which are the most accessible experience mobs in the area. Captain Dieme, who takes part in a minor quest and carries a desirable saber, can be found in a warehouse here. The Hammer is also docked nearby.

As a seasoned adventurer would expect, the Temple of Gorn is both cursed and anti-magic, and the monks inside don't take kindly to outsiders. Namure the Hand of Gorn, who is a trainer and takes part in two quests, lives on the upper level.

Inside the winding tunnels of the volcano lives a species of insectoid hunters, but little else is known about them or their purpose. Be wary when confronting them, however, for the hardiest of them have been known to breathe acid, and their masters are highly psionic.


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