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The woods are hidden away on the eastern trail that wraps around the northern edge of Solace, near Brothers' Grimm. Rumored to be the domain of bloodthirsty hobgoblins, not many adventurers have gone to actually check it out. Reports from yeomen and patrolling knights indicate the mass influx of goblins entering the area, although none have returned, and have possibly been killed by the hobgoblins. Evidence for this, one green knight says, is the low guttural cries that are heard constantly, sometimes scattering the doves in front of Grimms' cottage.

Level Range: 10-15

Builder: Zahri


Walking route from Nom: n, 8w, s, 3e, 4s, e, s.

Walking route from Sol: 3e, s, 3e, 4s, e, s.

Walking route from Aelmon: 17w, s, 5w, s, e, s.

Portaling point(s) suggested: resting hobgoblin.


This area connects to Brothers Grimm.


The western part of the area has nice clumps of stationary mobs that are good for exp, though some of the hobgoblins are aggressive, and the goblins in the room may assist. The eastern section, as discussed in the Adventuring section, has some tougher mobs.


This area can provide a decent amount of exp. A good number of the hobgoblins are aggressive, so try to target them if there are multiple mobs in the room. The Griffon Wings Bracer in this area is highly useful, as it grants Fly.

From the author:
The mob levels increase based on how far into the area you get. The mobs near the entrance are 11-12. The training area (after you go through the water east/southish, take the west past the living tree) is full of 13-14 level mobs. The tree in the SE corner has the 15-16 mobs.


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