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Hidden away from prying eyes, the devil Bo'Vul keeps his money and toys under lock and key. Those willing to pay the price and crafty enough to get through the entrance have a chance to reap the rewards that lay within.

Builder: Ctibor


Firstly, you need to buy the Blood-Mithril Key from Bo'Vul to get into the area. The key costs roughly 100k gold, but it can be copied to cut down costs. Check if some kind soul has kept some in the pot in Bandu's kitchen, or on the dwarf.

To get to vault, go e2d from Airscape shift. You'll see Tormak there (scan desc: A wraithlike devil looks bored). The room is full safe and noregen. Up from here leads back to Airscape Proper.

Note that the area spans multiple planes.


To get into the vault, you have to figure out the timelock code hidden in the sigils in the area north of the bank (also accessed using the key from Bo'Vul). The bottom row represents the current time (EST). The layout of the sigils apparently is a Kakuro puzzle.

If guessing the timelock code, you get it wrong, Tormak will kill you. You don't lose any xp, but there's a very slight chance (maybe 5%) of losing a stat. Note that you don't need to give the key to Tormak again, until someone gets the code right.

Giving the key and the code (give the appropriate number of coins to Tormak) will lead Tormak to ask you where in the Vault you want to go. The possibilities are MERMEN (Only open late at night), IMAGERY (always open), MENAGERIE (has to be unlocked by completing IMAGERY), GEARBOX (has to be unlocked by completing MENAGERIE), and REPOSITORY (has to be unlocked by completing GEARBOX). Tormak will eat the key and open the vault for 60 secs. Go east and enter pentagram.

<spoiler text="Sigil Rooms Spoiler"> START ROOM

   North     Northwest     West     South
     7          -           16        -
     xx         xx          xx        xx
     4          15          0         5
   North     Northwest     East
     17         -           -
     xx         xx          xx
     9          17          20
   West     South
   12        -
   xx        xx
   2         10
   North     East
     12       -
     xx       xx
     11       21
   North     Northeast     East
     11          -          -
     xx         xx          xx
     8          14          22
   Southwest     West     South
      -           16        -
      xx          xx        xx
      16          1         12
   Southeast     South
      -           -
      xx          xx
      19          13
   North     Southeast     East     South
     3          -           -         -
     xx         xx          xx        xx
     6          18          23        7

Haha. You still have to buy the key. So say the Time Lords, Setus and Are, time lords </spoiler>

<spoiler text="Kakuro puzzle"> Kakuro.gif </spoiler>

<spoiler text="Puzzle Solution">

  • Left to Right, Top to Bottom
  • 7, 9, 8, 4, 1, 5, 7, 6, 3


<spoiler text="Timelock Codes">

Time Code
23 367
22 51
21 48
20 97
19 6187
18 3549
17 9453
16 75
15 7816
14 57
13 65
12 714
11 417
10 89
9 98
8 56
7 3
6 3
5 7
4 7
3 15
2 84
1 763
0 79

The code is just the kakuro puzzle answers read off in the direction opposite to the corresponding sigil. </spoiler>


Each area contains a different thief, which can be skinned for a ticket for the Vault Thief's Bane quest.


The IMAGERY area is the only one available initially. You have to find and kill Eremis (trackable). There are a lot of drifting mobs (Creatures of Imagery) here, which also area spell. Group size: 12-15, with at least 3-4 tanks and a good healer or two. There is various t2ish loot on Eremis.


The MERMEN area is only available late at night (from 2-9 am? EST). It's mostly underwater. It has various t2-3 ac items (a -22 ac wield, a t2 ac chestplace, and various other gear). The area is mostly linear. There are a couple of Lloydable rooms here (including the first room). Group size: 8+.


The MENAGERIE area has various mobs from many different planes. Each plane change is through an up/down exit. It's useful to drop coins at up/down exits so that you don't backtrack by accident. You can type where periodically to see in which plane you are. The final plane you'll reach is Arcadia. Some of the mobs eat corpses (including some who wander into the first room). I haven't found any stompers.

<spoiler text="Directions"> Each "plane" in the Menagerie is a bit of a maze. Below are the directions to walk from one plane to the next.

Tarterus: e e n n e n n OR w n w
Karnath: e n n u
Nowhere: e s d
Kzinti: e s s e d

At the end there is an animator deathwish in the Arcadian plane. Killing the deathwishes increases menagerie xp and opens the next area (GEARBOX). There's a fair bit of area spells, and some mobs hit quite hard. Group size: 12+

The "Arcadian Fire" room with 1w, 1u exit is an OK place to regenerate.

The Nothing level has ice hounds, who carry the ice collar and ice hound's tooth items sometimes requested by Allegaagse.


In the GEARBOX you have to find out the passphrase from the prisoner near the beginning of the area and go through various gates. The passphrase should ideally be said by a different class at each gate (can be deduced by the name of the gate). If the wrong class says the password, a few extra mobs spawn and perhaps they also hit harder.

The mechanical automatons drop bits which can be given to the gnome ws from Thorngate Center for 100 xp.

More details on the password stuff: The first time the area is run after a reboot, when you enter you'll see a mob prog like

Cog in the Wheel
[Exits: north west]
(White Aura) A man is slowly being ground up between some gears.
Someone says - die -  to The unlucky adventurer.
The unlucky adventurer's brain splatters onto the ground.
The unlucky adventurer whispers the word "citater fra"

Collect the adventurer's corpse (it skins to an item which is this section's, reboot-only, contribution to the Vault_Thief's_Bane quest).

Remember that passphrase (in this case "citater fra", in another case "rosebud") - you won't see it again on subsequent trips in the same reboot but you may need it later on. The "gates" are mobs which are also reboot-only that block further progress in the area.

If you're looking for steam guns; speak the incorrect password at the bristling gate. The section after this gate and before the next gate will have mobs with steam guns.

Be wary that a post-bristling-gate section has quite a few mobs who carry bows and use lightning arrows; it's not unusual for 1 or 2 tanks to be stunned for an entire fight and unable to interact at all with the game until the fight is over.

At the end, you'll see a gnome (Unxavik) on scan, which is a very unusual room. The room is nofight in the beginning. The first person who enters will be abluted. The gnome summons a couple of automata to help him. All hit quite hard and the gnome can do various nifty things with his wand. Kill the automata first and then deal with the gnome. Requires a fairly long tank chain. Notable things he can do are (there is advance notice of what it's going to do by the color):

  • Cast death's door on the tank, which can reduce your tank's max hp to 1. Death's door can be cured with clarify. (color: black)
  • Cast detonate on the tank (color: yellow)
  • Make the room nospell (forgot the color)
  • Heal himself to full (forgot the color)

The gnome eventually runs out of mana. There is unusual loot on the gnome, including a book worth 1k xp, which contains 6 pages (scrolls) giving orbit, intervention, triple mass comfort, werrebocler, ablution and spiritlink respectively.

One strategy for this room with 2 tanks:

  • Have one tank enter the room naked. That person will be abluted and combat will begin
  • Send the rest of the party
  • Respell the first tank.
  • Have casters surge 5 target Unxavik only - when he is dead the important part is over.
  • Mitigate the cool colored stuff you see. (Yellow emote means he will cast detonate on tank - so have naked person rescue. Black emote means he will cast deaths door on tank - so have a prs clarify & make sure no one heals.)

Group size: 15+, with a fair amount of tanks. It's good to have a prs for clarify and a one or two det tanks.


The REPOSITORY area has various gemstone themed mobs and gem tenders. WARNING: Closing piles of gems causes mprogs to mess up. Which otherwise contain Pgems --This was done intentionally so players have the choice of closing piles to keep track of where they have looked at the expense of possibly giving up future profits. Beware: some mobs in repository scavenge. This can be bad for psi weapons. Group size: 10+.

The entire repository area is noregen or has greatly reduced regen -- the run is over when you're out of mana or hp.

There are also some special mobs (all are trackable):

  • Zlatan: fae, flees around, cannot be overconfidence-d, can be very rarely vs-kneed. He is the thief in this part of the vault, so his corpse can be skinned. He carries a demonic lapis lazuli (a special type of gem to craft special items). To see how to use the demonic gem, go to the demonic crafter in the area north of the bank and type LOOK MENU.
  • Golem: spawns when you walk into a room with a Heart. Note that there are two hearts (one in the first room of the area), track will mostly lead you to this (wrong) one. The golem will be of different colors based on different gemstones. Killing the golem will either spawn a few money gems of appropriate type or spawn a perfect gemstone. Golems also have some loot, which is sometimes useful. Note that the diamond golem (if it spawns) is invisible. The emerald golem carries an emerald shard, a 14/14 held item.
  • Dragons: can be skinned for treasure items (dragon statuettes). They use gas breath.
  • Mounds of topaz: can be immolated/astral prisoned.
  • Gem counters: These spawn when you spawn the golem (5 of them each time). They are non-aggie and wimpy, but can be overconfidence-d. Killing all of these will spawn one or more pgems and a demonic lapis lazuli in the piles of gems. As a courtesy to future runners, try to kill the counters when you spawn the golem.

Note: Most areas have a fair bit of area spells and/or wandering/drifting aggies, so taking a good healer or two with you is useful.


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