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The end of the world is coming, some predict. Others are certain that it has already taken root at the edge of Wildwood. Overlooking those fields of destruction, an engine of war wreathed in fire and smoke has toiled tirelessly for untold generations. Its masters have bided their time undisturbed as they amass an army, preparing for a war that has yet to come.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Scevine


Walking route from Terrified Woman: w, 2n, 2w, 2n

Portaling point(s) suggested: White Raven.



The first few rooms of the area are nospell. The rest of the area all seems to allow spellcasting. The area is probably norecall (didn't try most rooms) but permits teleporting out.

The layout is fairly straightforward; see Forge Map. Once you get inside, there are four main levels -- upstairs, midlevel around the forge, downstairs, and a small pool of slag.

It was possible to map every room in the area with a superhero dwarf fusilier with liberal use of intervention, flee, calm, quit, and teleport. It was also possible to kill almost every mob (discovered so far) at least once with a solo fusilier, with the exception of the Questmaster, Forgemistress Luninia, and the mobs in "Overlooking Midgaardia's Doom!". The large sanced giants pose a challenge, especially the annihilator.

Key rooms in this area seem to include:

  • Outside - White Raven's room - is safe and is a great portal point. The target has move hidden, so beware.
  • Top floor - Above the mouth of the furnace - throw buckets of ore into the furnace from here
  • Top floor - An exposed vein of hematite - gray ore and Ferromancer Cindris - this is part of a mineshaft that leads to the middle floor
  • Middle floor - Fuel for the fire - hidden ent mobile with name "movement"
  • Middle floor - An exposed vein of magnetite - Tiny mini-maze mine leads to Ferromancer Ignicar (lodestone) and the bucket of black ore
  • Bottom level - Inferno! - room can only be entered if your alignment is evil, can spawn mobs here by dropping lumber, mobs will yield charcoal on death
  • Bottom level - Pools of iron - a mob may be spawned here if you drop buckets of ore upstairs
  • Bottom level - Heartstone-adjacent rooms with Forgemistress Luninia (weapon quest?), Forgemaster Pyristor (bucket of iron scale), Artificer Coruscianus (lodestone recipient, crown of war)
  • Below-the-bottom pools of slag - Ferromancer Sturmiet (carries a severed giant head) wanders here, beware of corpse-eating slagslugs!


It seems that you can safely set recall in the room with White Raven. He's hidden, so have detects up. This is 3 rooms into the area.


One room south of the entrance is an un-cursed room in Apocalypse, so recall can be set there. Be careful as War is just to the west. The entrance (first) room of the area is also un-cursed so recall can be set there as well, however it is not safe so aggressive mobs sometimes wander in.

The area is of course swarmy, being an EHA, so be prepared. The Red Skinned Orcs are big and hit hard; when soloed they give 200-250xp, not nearly worth it for the pain they cause.

This area has a few types of mobs and particularly interesting areas:


The area is full of orcs. Sometimes one will carry Red Glowing Dust; it's not clear what triggers more dust to spawn (possibly killing all of them in the area?).

Killing all the orcs in the area entrance spawns a new mob, a landslide of red stone, which chases and attacks you.

Orcs include a red skinned orc and an ill tempered orc, perhaps others.


The area is full of giants. Some wield weapons, some cast spells, some carry "an ordinary pile of lumber" (usable in Inferno!) or "a red bucket of ore" (can be dropped in "Above the mouth of the furnace" for a message but no other obvious effect). Some have sanctuary and wield weapons.

Various giants include a laboring fire giant, a tireless fire giant, a mountain giant (sentinel in the last nospell room near the entrance), a fire giant shrouded in smoke, a cinder mage, a driven fire giant, a fire giant soldier, a fire giant steel warrior, a fire giant ironseer (shows a message when killed but no other apparent effects?), and a a fearsome fire giant. They're mostly worth about 400 xp solo. Others are:

  • A fire giant annihilator is large, sanced, and can go berserk (is worth ~1800 xp solo after reboot), carries an unfinished red hot sword as well as an untakeable on-body item (sarcophagus). Not sure whether the corpse skins.
  • Leveler Adamas is large and sanced and a berserker; he wields a length of red hot chain, is worth about 1448 xp solo after reboot, and can be skinned for a strip of burnt, tattooed flesh.
  • A fire giant iron warrior is sanced and carries iron tower shield and cold iron halo.
  • A fire maiden is not sanced but hits pretty hard and drops a pool of fire giant blood on death.

Reportedly at least one of the giants (Leveler Adamas?) can eat corpses.


The pools of iron downstairs contain ironbeasts, who hit hard; these rooms are water, so it's hard to flee. The area can also spawn "a newly formed ironbeast" or "a terrible ironfiend" if you drop certain buckets in the mouth room upstairs.


The very bottom 2x3 level "Trudging through piles of slag" contains both Ferromancer Sturmiet and also several slagslugs. These eat corpses. The area is water, so it's hard to flee.

White Raven

White Raven is in the area's entrance in a relatively safe room (Against sheer mesa cliffs). His description says that he wants souls.

He will trade:

  • Red Glowing Dust for Red Glowing Dust, Remixed (adds cure serious)
  • the radiant soul of a fire giant (level 1000 unsaveable trash item, item spawned on ground after killing terrible ironfiend, which is spawned in the "Pools of iron" rooms by dropping bucket of iron scale in "Above the mouth of the furnace"; bucket of iron scale is carried by Forgemaster Pyristor in "The shadow of a burning throne") -- trades for Corona of Fire insignia, which is -8% death xp reduction (INCREASED death xp loss), +1 damroll, insignificant increase in fire resistance, and is incompatible with Fiery Aura/Fiery Nimbus
  • the glowing soul of a fire giant (saveable item, item spawned on ground after killing a newly formed ironbeast, which is spawned in "Pools of iron" after dropping bucket of gray ore in "Above the mouth of the furnace"; bucket of gray ore spawns on the ground in Cindris's room "An exposed vein of hematite") -- trades for Fiery Aura insignia, which is +15% death xp reduction, +2% hp regeneration, modifies melee attacks with fire damage, and is incompatible with Corona of Fire/Fiery Nimbus
  • the pulsing soul of a fire giant (saveable item, item spawned on ground after killing a newly formed ironbeast, which is spawned in "Pools of iron" after dropping bucket of black ore in "Above the mouth of the furnace"; bucket of black ore spawns on the ground in Ignicar's room "An exposed vein of magnetite") -- trades for Fiery Nimbus insignia, which is +15% death xp reduction, +2% mana regeneration, modifies melee attacks with fire damage, and is incompatible with Corona of Fire/Fiery Aura
  • the burning soul of a fire giant -- carried by Loqui Incendris Flegathrix who is accessed by giving the crown of war (from Coruscianus) to War -- trades for Coruscating Fire insignia, which is -12% death xp reduction (INCREASED death xp loss), +2 hitroll, +2 damroll, insignificantly increases resistance to fire continuous
  • strip of burnt tattooed flesh from skinning Leveler Adamas -- he won't accept this but gives a hint.
  • the severed head of a giant from Sturmiet -- he won't accept this but gives a hint.

At least one of the Corona of Fire/Fiery Aura/Fiery Nimbus insignias was observed to drop within a week with 0 deaths and 0 levels gained (the insignia remained but all its effects faded). Others report that the Coruscating Fire insignia seems to last indefinitely (no time limit, but may have a death limit).

In this room, you can drop:


This room can only be accessed if your alignment is evil (no good, no neutral). If you drop a pile of ordinary lumber or a pile of entish lumber the room will cause a moderate amount of room damage and spawn a level 57 mob called The blazing inferno. On death, the mob drops an item of type ticket, pure charcoal. If you used entish lumber it has flags "good"; if you used ordinary lumber it has flags "evil". This room is noregen.

Forgemistress Luninia

This mob is in a room with an invisible mob named The Forge Questmaster who hits at least 6 times per round for obliterating damage through sanctuary. Trying to kill Luninia caused this mob to attack, but it's unclear whether she can be killed.

When handed an object of type weapon she will sometimes say

 Forgemistress Luninia roars 'THIS WEAPON... IS FINISHED. NO NEED TO REFINE IT.'
 Forgemistress Luninia roars 'ENJOY THE KILLING.'

and gives the weapon back. She says this for the Forge Hammer and Titanic Iron Gauntlet and Chained Morningstar.

Sometimes instead she will say

 Forgemistress Luninia roars 'THIS WEAPON... IS TERRIBLE. AS GOOD AS IT WILL EVER BE.'
 Forgemistress Luninia roars 'WHICH IS STILL... TERRIBLE.'

and gives the weapon back. She says this for Studded Iron Knuckles, staff tipped with gobs of molten iron and slag, and length of red hot chain.

When handed an object that is not of type weapon (such as an Adamantite Halo or Red hot iron staff) she will keep it, and good luck getting it back since she seems to be hard to kill.

When handed unfinished, red hot sword from a fire giant annihilator she instead says:

 Forgemistress Luninia examnines the red hot sword, checking for quality.
 Forgemistress Luninia roars 'FIRE BAD!  ...  FOR STEELMAKING.'
 Forgemistress Luninia roars 'FOR BEST STEEL  ...  NEED FUEL. MORE PURE.'
 Forgemistress Luninia gives you unfinished, red hot sword.

When handed wood (ordinary lumber or entish lumber) she says

 Forgemistress Luninia roars 'WOOD... TERRIBLE FUEL FOR FINERY!'
 Forgemistress Luninia snarls 'ONLY CHARCOAL. IF YOU VALUE YOUR HEAD.'

When handed charcoal she says

 You give pure charcoal to Forgemistress Luninia.
 Luminia drops the fuel into her forge, and stokes the fire. The flames
 turn a searing white with each pump of the bellows.
 Forgemistress Luninia gives you a wicked, fanged grin as the flames lick the edge of the anvil!
 Forgemistress Luninia roars 'NOW... READY TO FINISH WEAPON.'

Then when handed a sword she says

 You give unfinished, red hot sword to Forgemistress Luninia.
 Forgemistress Luninia examines the red hot sword, checking for quality.
 Forgemistress Luninia roars 'SWORD IS GOOD STEEL. BUT NEEDS PROPER EDGE.'
 Forgemistress Luninia roars 'STAY HERE... WHILE I WORK.'
 Forgemistress Luninia quenches the sword in the trough of water beside her.
 Forgemistress Luninia has created a blast of steam!
 Forgemistress Luninia has created a blast of steam!
 Forgemistress Luninia sets the sword upon her anvil and sets to work.
 [time passes, steam attacks]
 *BWONNNG* *BWONNNG* A drum sounds in the distance, rousing the giants
 from their work. It looks like they're on to you. Took them long enough. 
 [giants enter the room and kill you]

It seems like she probably offers a quest weapon of some type if you survive the onslaught of steam and giants, possibly with its alignment or stats differing based on whether you use charcoal from an ent or from ordinary lumber.

Ferromancers and myrmidons

The area has several Ferromancers, generally non-aggressive mobs, who are generally guarded by Fire Giant Myrmidons, aggressive mobs who wear a flametongue-charged Ember Shield and wield a Fire Lance.

Some of the ferromancers carry various quest-related items or weapons/armor.

These include:

Overlooking Midgaardia's Doom

Giving "the crown of war" from Artificer Coruscianus to War in Apocalypse teleports you to a room with no exits but a portal and some very large mobs:

 You give the crown of war to War.
   "Fools! War needs no crown to prove his power!" the demon answers
    in a booming voice. "But if you wish to challenge that bauble's
    rightful owner, I will grant you your wish for death. In truth, it
    is a fight I wish to see for myself!"
 Without warning the world starts to tilt around you, in the way that the
 world distinctly SHOULD NOT. The pedestal of War drifts up and over your
 head, and the horizon spins. Before you know it, you are plummeting down
 toward a fiery vortex that cleaves the sky in two!
 As you pass through the vortex and start to feel your skin peeling off,
 the sight of a familiar mesa top fades into view...

This room (Overlooking Midgaardia's Doom) contains a Fire Maiden, a Cinder Mage, and a Fire Giant Myrmidon, all carrying their normal complement of gear plus an Iron Ring and a Heart of Fire. It also contains Loqui Incendris Flegathrix, who has a ring, a heart, the Burning Soul of a Fire Giant, and other items.

The room has no exits but has a vortex that probably leads out somewhere. When you die, your corpse is moved to White Raven's room.


This is the fourth elite hero area, added August 8th, 2013.

The secrets of this area have yet to be unearthed. --Qismat (talk) 23:38, 8 May 2017 (EDT)


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