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Recommended Areas

Popular areas for lowhero groups to gain experience include Dream Steppes, the upper part of Greed's Gallows, Hamlet of Kreigstadt, Igecsoz' Trog Market and Fortress Keep portions, and Tortuga Cay (for spellcasters, mon/shf or bzk). What these areas have in common is that they're uncursed and (except for Dream Steppes and a few mobs in Tortuga Cay) unaggie, which makes CRs, which are frequent at lowhero, way easier if the entire group goes down.

The Deepways is a popular area for smaller groups (3 or less). It has a large variety of mobs, many of which spawn a larger version on death. Most are not aggie. A lot of the area is cursed but if you use the map you can learn where un-cursed rooms are scattered about for setting recall.

Popular areas for highhero groups to gain experience include The Great Divide and Morte Vallta.


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