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In the far north, where the temperature rarely gets above freezing, a glacier has existed for aeons, since very nearly the dawn of time. Rarely visited by "civilization", the creatures who live there are almost mythical to most of Midgaard, creatures like the breen, a giant bear capable of tearing through the mightiest armor in one swipe, or "dwellers", a crab-like creature who blends into the snow and attacks whatever passes by. The frozen wastes have been inaccessible for centuries, yet a legend still remains of a battle that supposedly ended there, between a Demon and a Saint.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Nadreck


Walking route from Aelmon: 19n, 3w, 5n, d, 3n, w, n, w, 3n, u, 2n, e, 3n, w, n, w, 11n, 6e, 4n, e.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Snowbird or Breen.


The top level of the area is connected to Stormkeep on the top level, to the west. I can recommend a short stop there if you're waiting for repop.


The area consists of a few layers. The top layer is portable, the others are all cursed. The exits downward are in the northern part of the top layer. From there, going either east or west will take you back up. Going south will allow you to go down even further. You can notice you've made it to this part if you come in 4 rooms directly above each other. From here, go south, then either e n or w n to get to the lowest level. But there's quite a few ice elementals on this level, so don't hurry.
If you do go down, you'll be close to the Frozen Demon Tourach and the Spirit Of Saint Manuel.


There are quite a few aggies in this area and they all detect hidden, so I'd suggest against having too many people with low hps in your group. Other than that, this area is great for xp.
The Wolves and Breen are corpse eaters. Only the Snowbirds don't aggie, all of the others do. Sometimes it might be hard to tell what mob you're looking at when just looking at scan descripion, but most of them have the keywords 'snow' or 'ice' in them.


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