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Deep beneath the surface of Midgaardia is a different world. A world without light or the life giving rays of the sun. However, even without photosynthesis, life will find a way. Drawing energy not from the sun, but rather from decay, fungi abound. Perhaps the most extensive example of this is the large cavern simply known as Fungal Forest.

Home to uncounted types of mushrooms, Fungus Forest also has its guardians - the myconoids who make their home here. Tending to the groves of giant mushrooms they pursue quiet, contemplative lives of a different order, hard for most to fathom. The myconoids are peaceful and happy to be left alone, yet it is also said they possess long memories, passing their experiences from one generation to the next.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Izanagi

This area was added in March 2011.


Walking route from caravan guard: s 2e d e 2s.



The whole area is flagged as no teleport and no nexus (you cannot portal out). To leave, see the map and read the directions below.

The first room will have a meditating myconoid (Psilocybin). This room is full safe.

A large share of this area is a maze with changing exits. The maze rooms have random exits leading to the adjacent rooms, each leading to a different room. The east-west corridor just south of Psilocybin is not randomized (i.e. you can leave by going east or west till you see Psilocybin on scan).

When you're looking for the exit, try to find the edges of the area and check the map to see where you are based on the available room exits. As soon as you know where you are and you're sure you can't walk directly to the exit, walk away from the edge in the direction of the area exit (northish). From there on it's trial and error. Once you get to the unrandomized east-west corridor, you can find Psilocybin and leave).

Alternatively, in the southernmost room (the room only has a north exit), there is a secret passage. You can enter it by typing 'enter secret passage' in full (no abbreviations allowed). This will take you back to Psilocybin at the safe room at the entrance.


This area can make a nice detour off a normal XP run in Deepways. The area is pretty small and does not have enough mobs to last a full run. The mobs are a bit bigger than those found in Deepways.

All the mobs here are non-aggie normally. There are various unsanced mobs (harvesters, shroomshapers, alchemists, guardians, shamans, sporecasters and mulchspreaders) and many sanced mobs. You can kill the unsanced mobs with no repercussions whatever, but the sanced mobs are a different story altogether. If coming here for XP, avoid attacking the sanced mobs altogether. All of the mobs have keyword 'myconoid' or 'mushroom', but it's advisable to target using the mob names listed above to avoid inadvertently targeting a sanced mob.

The sanced mobs

The sanced mobs are big and gas a lot. Killing a sanced mob will spawn two enforcers that will come find the person who landed the killing blow. Since the spawned aggies will target the players that killed the sanced mobs, they will almost always target your hitters and the strongest ones at that.

If you kill enough sanced mobs, all of the mobs will aggie you. This will continue even after you log off. This type of aggie can be recognized by the fact that the mobs start the fight by using area spells (gas), they will toss you etc. while they would normally not use this kind of ability at all.

If you EVER get aggied in this area, please make sure tank knows about it. I really dont recommend coming back to this area if you are aggied. Tanks, please stop at Psilocybin for a second to see if any of your groupies will be aggied. Psilocybin will stare at people who completed the insignia quest.

It would be wise to check the non-randomized east-west corridor for aggies if you are unsure.

When the myconoids are fed up with your killing of sanced mobs, Psilocybin will bribe you to stop you from coming back. It is a nice bribe. Note that you'll still be aggied if you come back.

NOTE: There is a wandering animator and there are many wandering corpse eaters. They only work on mob corpses though.

And then, after a while you see "Your Bane of the Myconoids crumbles to dust. Its time was up.". This is good if your char was accidentally caught killing a sanced mob, but horrible if you tried so hard to get that insignia. This means after a while, mobs forget about you too. You can go back in for some xp.


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