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A home for mobs, areas, items, and skills that have moved on to the big MUD in the sky.

We won't forget you, grandfathered stuff!

"In my day, we could energy drain creatures to get our hitpoints up to 32,000! Then we'd go and get the Ring of 36 Chambers. Mmm... ring..."

Due to the time AVATAR has been up and running, code and area changes have continually gone in new directions, been added and removed. Gf'd gear, spells, and classes are things which the staff decided should no longer be within the game. Rather than remove them completely, however, in many cases AVATAR allowed those who already have the item, spell, or class, to continue using them. The staff simply makes the code no longer available for future players. There are cases in which the object or code cannot be gf'd due to how abusive they are. This is a tough choice to completely remove the use, but the coders try to be as fair as possible in all cases.

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