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Spells Castable on Players

Adrenaline ControlLike Adrenaline Pump but on self only
Biofeed OtherOld Psion biofeedback castable on others
Combat MindSimilar to anticipate
ConfidenceOld Psion 'enhanced str' type spell (modifies strength by +4 for 48 hours).
RegenerateLike regeneration, but on self only

Spells Castable on Mobs

Bamfc bamf [mob/player]. Opposite of summon. Would send target to a random room.
Buddha FingerMartial Artists area spell.
Color SprayArea spell.
Gas BreathArea spell that did more damage the greater your hps were.
PrayerNot really grandfathered, but the original prayer spell would transport you to a random room.

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