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He's evil I tell you, evil. Only an evil, sadistic man could create such a terrible challenge. Room after room of fighting, praying that I would stay alive, searching for the hidden panels, all the time hearing Mxyzptlk's insane laughter. I barely escaped with my life. Scribes note: at this point the subject exploded into a strange laughter and did not speak again. Unfortunately, the subject escaped soon after this session and was last rumored to be in the care of Aelmon the Healer. -Taken from the archives of Arkham Asylum

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Santana


Walking route from Aelmon: 2s, [e], e, 2u, 2w, u, n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Floating Wizard.



To enter the area you need to be a hero. Lords cannot participate. Give Scales Of Justice to the Floating Wizard to enter.

Since all rooms are private, you will not be able to enter an occupied room if there is another player inside. Thus, this is supposed to be a solo quest.

Once inside the area is a linear pathway to the north with each mob having the key to the next mob, much akin to House Of Quests. There are two safe rooms for recuperation - west of the Green Knight and east of the Warrior Chieftain. Their doors are invisible but unlocked.

Going south from any room leads to the Floating Wizard, the sole uncursed room in the area (and is equivalent to failing the quest, and having to retry).


This area has a single item worth of note, the Medallion Of Justice carried by the final mob, Zan And Jayna. If you are adventuring here, you are probably looking for that. Kill the mobs one by one, rest if needed in the safe rooms, and remember that you can always flee south to safety.

Dying here is an issue since the player doing the CR will need to wait for the area repop to get the new set of keys (unless you had the foresight to don all.key prior to dying).

It may be possible to die in the final room, and then the next adventurer to gurney the fallen player after the fight (to double up on the next area repop), but this is not really worth the effort - just use a bigger hero.


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