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The gods have give Snikt the role of guardian for their universe. He has in turn recruited others through time to serve as caretakers for Midgaardia and the otherworldly planes. While they serve the realm, they are immortal. These immortals work hard to keep the realm running smoothly. Here, immortals past and present are commemorated for all time.

Level Range: 1~45 Builder: Cerdwyn and Qismat


It is possible to kill the statues of most of the immortals, with a few obvious exceptions. The level of the statues rises with immortal rank, from Retired (level 1) through to Admin (level 45).


There are a few easy, unrepeatable quests in this area.

Spoiler: A list of the statues with quests

Setting alignment

As the majority of the retired immortals in the basement are of very good alignment, and very low level, players wishing to set their alignment to evil by killing good mobiles may find it a good place to visit. However, use of the spell "detect alignment" is advised, in order to avoid the few evil or neutral mobs.


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