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Once a player reaches level 850, he/she is considered an Immortal of Avatar. Immortals are extremely important in keeping Avatar running smoothly. They play many different roles and handle any kind of character problems, such as equipment reimbursements, offensive behavior, and inter-character problems. Immortals also aid in the improvement of Avatar by suggesting or even writing new features for the MUD. They edit, write and fix areas. Immortals occasionally run quests and contests. Immortals are here to answer your questions to the best of their ability or help you find someone who can answer your questions.

Immortals on Avatar do not provide "divine intervention" to mortals. DO NOT expect an Imm to help you level, give you free equipment (and you cannot pay for equipment either), perform corpse retrievals - except in rare circumstances at the discretion of the Immortal, give you levels except in cases of certain quest or contest rewards, or give you gold. It is considered improper to ask for intervention as it might be considered cheating which would be punishable by denial for both the Immortal and the mortal involved.

If for some reason something unusual happens and it is necessary to discuss it with an Immortal, please find the most junior Imm on at the time. Reimbursements, information you have about possible causes of crashes, or inter-character quarrels are all good examples of things that imms expect to be asked to correct. It is important to respect the role of an Immortal, as they work hard to improve Avatar.

You can contact the immortal staff by sending an in-game note to immortal on board 2, or an out-of-game email to: immortal's name

You can also use the PRAY channel to send a message to all the immortals and angels online at that time, request assistance from the community at large using NCHAT, or send a TELL to the most junior immortal around (unless you really need the more senior immortal's assistance).

Levels: 850 - 1000

See also List of Immortals, List of Retired Immortals, Angels.


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