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Gear by location

<used as light> Dragon's Eye(-30), Orb Of The Shogun(-10), Glowing Twig(-5x5), Torch Of Flames(-1x5)
2x <worn on finger> Dark Dwarven Ring(-25)
2x <worn around neck> Dryad Necklace(-10), Golden Torque(-20), Namure's Leather Collar(-50), Wolf Tooth Necklace(-5x5)
<worn on body> Jelly Sac(-28), Black Hydraskin Armor(-50), Plain Blue Robe(-50), Balrog Chainmail(-20), Master's Robe Of Air(-15)
<worn on head> Smoldering Crown Of Dying Fire(-15), Gleaming Hair Band(-24)
<worn on legs> Gator-Scaled Breeches(-15)
<worn on feet>
<worn on hands>
<worn on arms> Armbands Of Elemental Harmony(-20x3)
<held in offhand> Turquoise Scale Shield(-60), Firedrake Scale(-20), Leviathan Scale(-10), Unscathed Shield(-15)
<worn about body> Cape Of Sorcery(-5), Robe Of The Intelligence Apparatus(-13), Shimmering Grey Cloak(-30)
<worn about waist>
2x <worn on wrist>
<wielded> Claws Of The DracoLich(-20), Rune-Laden Silver Sword(-8)
<held> Small Dragonskin Satchel(-50), NaamAhn'Sa Token(-35)