Firedrake Scale

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Sliced from the flesh of an adult firedrake, this scale would make a more than serviceable shield.

Modifies constitution by 1 continuous
Modifies save vs fire by -20 continuous
Modifies armor class by -45 continuous
Armor class is 10-12

Keyword(s): firedrake scale
Type: armor
Flag(s): fire-ward
Slot(s): <held in offhand>
Weight: 12 lbs
Level(s): 51
Quality: 200 hps


This is just as difficult to enchant as other hero shields. While 5 off from the top-tier hero shields this also has a high save vs fire.

This shield already has fire-ward on it, which gives you one more enchant possibility over the usual choice. Since this pops in a xp area, collecting can be done without much commitment.

This item drops from the Adult Firedrake. Like other gear mobs in Deepways it is spawned when another mob is killed. To spawn this the Young Firedrake must be killed first which spawns the Adolescent Firedrake. Killing that mob spawns the adult.


The mob wanders in the area and is not portable.