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The Iceways are a series of tunnels that were dug long ago by the Dwarves. They start from several different points across the realm, and all end up near the frontier town of Icewolf. The stories say that as the Dwarves got further north, the rock they dug gave way to ice, which was how it was learned that Icewolf actually sits upon a permanently frozen portion of Lake Tarnas. Several years ago, excessive magical activity in Devil's Peak shook the nearby Iceways and caused part of the ice therein to melt. Rather than let the rest of their mines be flooded, the Dwarves of Mt Durr sealed all six Iceways, trapping a crew of workers inside. Today, at least one of the Iceways has been reopened, but some say the drowned miners still haunt the tunnels. Whether they do or not, the Iceways are the only way to travel to or from the northern frontier.

Level Range: 35-40

Builder: Dev


Walking route from Aelmon: 19n, 3w, 4n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Ice Toad.





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