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Long ago, two rival mountain Gods stood at opposite ends of a range. One was tall, but jagged, twisted and ruinous, known as Abishai (today called Devil's Peak). The other, Durr, was shorter, but stocky, proud and strong. Ancient Legend speaks of a rivalry between them that led to war between their children; the Dwarves of Durr and the mountain trolls of Abishai. The Elves of the time paid homage to the mountain god as a patron of craftsmen and tinkerers, and if not for that, he would have been forgotten, as Dwarves are a practical race, with little time for myth. Although the Mountain is still called Durr, few Dwarves remember the mountain god that created them. The teachings of Kra are the only religion most Dwarves follow now.

Level Range: 20-25

Builder: Jaron


Walking route from Sol: 3e, 2n, 3e, 5n, 3w, n.

Walking route from Aelmon: 14n, 8w, 3n, 9w, n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Bomli.


Mt Durr is most commonly approached from the Dwarven Trade Route from the south, though if you are coming from Midgaard you may find it quicker to approach via the Airways route, which will take you directly to middle of the city. It is also possible to enter into the eastern region of the city through the Underway Tunnels, though this is not a particularly obvious or useful exit. Mt Durr is one of the most popular ways to access the Duergar Stronghold and the areas which lie beyond it and this connection can be found through a hidden trapdoor in Borgin's house, in the eastern region of the city. Finally, both the Dwarven Catacombs and the Great Divide can be reached from the city, respectively through the temple of Kra and from within the mountain which gives the area its name. A Fortress Of Kra can be reached as well.


Mt Durr is a large area and it can be divided up into several sections.

  • The lower city is cloest to the Dwarven Trade Route and often has multiple mobs in the same rooms and is not particularly interesting. Visitors are advised to turn west when entering the city to avoid one of the few easily accessed aggie mobs and to make their way to the main city.
  • The main city stretches from the mountain in the west to rough of town in the east and up to the northern road and the temple of Kra in the north east. A lot of wandering mobs can be found in this part of the city, as well useful locations like the tavern and the mining guild.
  • The eastern section of the city is very small and a lot quieter than the main part. It is reached either by travelling just past the temple of Kra or taking the hidden route through the animal pen in the rough end of town. This is where Borgin lives and it connects to both the Underway Tunnels and the Duergar Stronghold.
  • The temple of Kra holds several mobs which will not wander far from this area, a connection to the Dwarven Catacombs and perhaps something more...
  • The mountain is a no-recall area for the most part and contains both wandering mobs and sentinels. Be careful of the aggies behind Durr's left eye and straying beyond them will take you to the Great Divide - definitely not something you want to do unless you are a hero or above, probably.
  • Also inside the mountain, but in a seperate direction you will find the mines. The mines require various keys to access their levels, but delving into them is well worth it in terms of equipment, experience and fun. There are some aggies down here, but they stay put and are all in the less populated parts of these mines and easily avoided. Some of level one has been flooded and is underwater, so bring a boat, be flying or have the appropriate spells on if you wish to explore this less travelled part. Much of the mines are no recall - but by no means all - and the doors are locked and cannot be passdoored.


There are many secrets waiting to be uncovered. Maybe you can find great wealth, old relics, new potions and bring home a trophy of a great beast.

Have fun exploring the temple of Kra, the town and the depths of the mines. There are many ticket quests, great gear, loot, and even a skinnable mob.


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