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Located in a tropical island chain of the ocean controlled by Lord Audis, the island of the lizard king is devoid of the normal chain of civilization. Instead the local lizardmen fight amongst each other for every scrap of food they can find. Most shipping fleets find the island safe to land on after Lord Audis and his men conquered the island and forcing the lizard king to agree never to attack another vessel in the waters or on the beach again. In return, stewardship of the eastern and less hospitable side of the island was granted to the lizard king and his people. The pirates collect a price from the leader of these people to keep the lizard king well supplied enough to control his subjects and maintain his throne.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Flinn


Walking route from Aelmon: 37s, 5e (note: crosses water terrain).

Portaling point(s) suggested: island guard.



Island is generally banana-shaped:

  • Beaches and the beginning of the trail - western part of the island (pp island guard), uncursed
  • The forest - middle part, cursed,
  • The Lizardman village, to the south, cursed.


The island is mostly visited for its Hairy Tarantula, which carries the venom gland, useful for poisoning weapons.

Forest part and the Village are aggie. The two mutant lizardmen before the village carry the key to the King, but the door can be passed using Pass Door. On the south-western portion of the village (2x2 square), the Divine Tree is an anti-magic room.

Scrub The Lizard King is behind the locked door with two more mutant lizardmen. South is his pet Tosskah behind a hidden door, and from there downwards are a few pirates.


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