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Built out of the ashes of Before, Mervue is a small coastal city attempting to forget the past. Situated south of Midgaard, it receives a lot of trade from both land dwellers and sea folk, helping to boost its unstable economy. The city's official ruler, per se, is Lord Audis, who governs from his manor just east of the north entrance to Mervue. Visitors should be warned that the city has put into place a justice system for those who try to cause problems, in an attempt to stave more issues like Before.

Level Range: 23-30

Builder: Zahri


Walking route from Aelmon: 21s.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Giles, ent banker.




For some backstory on this area, teleport to the storyteller and kill him for his notes.

There are some very good xp mobs here. However, to avoid an outlaw flag it's important to know which as some are citizen mobs. The guards who walk in will steal your kills (or attack you, if you're of low alignment).

To date I've found the beggars, warlock, thieves, rogues, dockworkers, crone, jester, fool, mermaid (southeast of the area) to be safe to kill. Avoid hitting any shopkeepers, the female youth (orphan, I believe), the tax collector, the banker, etc.


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