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The Factory sits at the end of a short path south of Nom's Meadow and is responsible for the manufacture of all kinds of monsters and creepy crawlies. Lately though, it has been rumored to experience technical difficulties.

Level Range: 3-6

Builder: Revised


Walking route from Nom: 3w, 7s, 2e.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Floyd.


The Factory is of course connected to the Meadow, but also has a couple of connections to the Murky Lair, a sewer of sorts where there are slimes who carry slimy rings. Look for a down exit in the Worker's Utilities, just off of the Mob Factory Kitchen, or alternatively the easternmost room on the Primary Assembly Line.


This area is fairly uniform; mobs that are good for exp can be found throughout. Not much danger in this area, so it is safe to wander about.


Another favourite of newbie areas, the Mob Factory is a good place for characters a bit more brutish (or real low level grouped chars) to run, as the mobs here seem to do a bit more damage than in other areas. It has a high concentration of mobs that give good exp.

All mobs will assist (except for Floyd), and most mobs (with the exception of the severed heads) will flee easily. Everything is of about equal difficulty, and the only mob not worth fighting is Floyd himself because of his sanctuary.


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