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Your character advances in power by gaining experience. Humans need 1000 experience points for each level of experience. Other races need some percentage of 1000 exp for each level, from 800 to 75000 exp points.

You gain experience by:

 killing a mob
 being part of a group that kills a mob
 healing other players (under certain circumstances, as a Priest)

You lose experience by:

 fleeing from combat
 recalling out of combat
 being the target of certain spells

The experience you get from a kill depends on several things: how many players are in your group; your level versus the level of the monster; how many of this monster have been killed lately; and some random variation.

Characters may view their experience points using their score command.

Grouped experience point gains

When you're part of a group that kills a mob, the experience each group member receives is reduced by a factor that depends on the tier you are in and the size of your group. If you are at hero tier, having a group member below sublevel 101 will provide the group with a lowhero bonus. At sublevel 1 this bonus is 15% and this percentage decreases in a linear fashion until the group member reaches sublevel 101, where it disappears. A group can get a lowhero bonus of up to 45% from having multiple sub-101 groupies.

A new group xp system is currently being tested that will roughly award group xp as follows:

Percentage of mob-base xp received by each groupie:

group size . 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8...12...20
current. % 100. 60. 40. 30. 25. 20. 17. 15...10...6
hero ... % 100. 86. 80. 75. 70. 60. 50. 40...10...5
lord/eha % 100. 92. 85. 80. 77. 75. 73. 70...50...30

These numbers are not 100% accurate. They have been adjusted somewhat, because of a group versatility bonus that is being implemented at the same time. This versatility bonus awards groups with varied classes by increasing the gained xp based on the category in which the class belongs (melee, caster, healer, stabber - this is not necessarily the way they're categorised and one class can be in multiple categories at the same time).

See also Racial TNL and TNL.