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Centaur Hollow: population 25. Usually less, except during special centaur gatherings, but lately swollen due to Westwood's darklin infestation, both with centaur refugees and with those who have come from both near and far to help them in retaking their native Westwood from these evil darklin. Each mob here has his/her own story to share and most are happy to do so; and, as they speak, they may even unknowingly share a clue or two that can be used to solve Centaur Hollow's present big mystery. Between getting to know one other, these mobs may also be seen performing domestic chores within a centaurish cavern home, struggling to hone their combat skills, or enjoying an impromptu archery contest in a grotto, among other activities. Be careful, though, for one of them is not what he appears to be! More detail regarding each of Centaur Hollow's mobs may be found on its respective page listed below.