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Rumors abound that, somewhere amidst the ancient oaks of southeastern Westwood, concealed safely within a rock-encircled hollow long familiar only to centaurs, a centaur ranger, Silvanus Wayfinder, has been covertly gathering and preparing a sylvan militia to eradicate Westwood's darklin infestation once and for all. Some folks even claim that these would-be combatants have begun to mysteriously vanish from this hollow without a trace, one by one.

Level Range: 20-20

Builder: Yaxche

This area was created for an area-building contest in 2005.
This area was added in 2006 Mar.


Walking route from Sol: 2e, n, 2w, s, 2w, s, d, w, u, n, 6w, n, 2w, s.

Walking route from Aelmon: 17w, s, 5w, 3n, 3w, n, w, n, 2w, s, 2w, s, d, w, u, n, 6w, n, 2w, s.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Konk.


Centaur Hollow connects only with southeastern Westwood via Tari's glade to its north.


Centaur Hollow is almost entirely "cursed" and, as a result, may be entered only by going southward through a (camouflaged) gate in a thicket (a "safe room" where Konk stands). This leads through a narrow gap between the rocks to the northeast corner of a large central hollow ringed by granite walls. This hollow also connects to a mossy amphitheater to its east, a bell-shaped grotto to its southeast, a ferny glen (that leads to a hidden cavity) to its southwest, a verdant cavern to its west, and an alcove containing a mineral spring (which casts 'acumen' on its drinkers) to its northwest. Various level-20 mobs, including centaurs, ents, lizardmen, sprites, and even a high-elf and her elven son, either stand in these spots or wander about them.


No mobs here are aggressive (although they may assist each other) and, so, this area is very safe to explore. It is also relatively rich with descriptions to read, some of which are vital for those players who are interested in solving its mystery regarding why its fighters have been vanishing.

There are three minor ticket quests here, two of which are connected with solving this area's mystery. Each of these quests will reward characters who complete them with a different special piece of gear. See Quests In Centaur Hollow (also listed below) for more information about each of these three ticket quests.

Players interested in fighting here should note that nearly all mobs here have positive alignment; and, so, those who would like to gain experience here but who are concerned with maintaining a positive alignment themselves may wish to spend some time fighting either in adjoining Westwood or in nearby Darklin Hole, as well, as needed. All mobs here are level 20 but some may be a bit more difficult to kill than others. Sprites here will show "special" behavior (like spellcasting) during combat.


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