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Good old Bomli, broad of shoulder, hip and wallet, a smile never far from his elaborately bearded face. Scant months after opening his humble bar, a new vein of precious durrite was found in the mines close by. The traders descended in droves from the human cities, needing lodgings and somewhere to do business while in Mt Durr. Bomli was only too happy to oblige. Knowing a good thing when he saw it, Bomli expanded, hired the best musicians and entertainers and now runs the most successful wayhouse for many a mile.

Keywords: dwarf, Bomli.
Level: 22.
Alignment: heroic.
Flags: shopkeeper, steadfast.
Affects: sanctuary.


Bomli is using:
<worn around neck>  a bright red bow tie
<worn about body>   a leather waistcoat
Bomli is carrying:
     a glass of Rat Droppings
     a mug of The Goatherder



Area: Mt. Durr (Map).
Room(s): Bomli's! (portable).

Walking route from Sol: 3e, 2n, 3e, 5n, 3w, n, 2u, e, u, 3n, w.
Walking route from Aelmon: 14n, 8w, 3n, 9w, n, 2u, e, u, 3n, w.

Bomli is portable.