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Driven out of their homes the citizens of Ofcol have had little place to go. Amidst the chaos of Midgaardia, Captain Jacklyn was able to help the citizens of Ofcol flee and seek out sactuary with Aelmon in Midgaard. When they were faced with very little shelter many were turned away. These refugees found their way to a clearing North West of the city and set up camp within the forest.

Level Range: 25-30

Builder: Kerr

Added: March 2011


Walking route from Aelmon: 10n, 3w, [n]

Portaling point(s) suggested: Jim the Blacksmith.



Area is a three-by-four mesh of interconnected rooms, with some campfires and tents on the sides. Navigation is very simple.


The area is a twin area to the Hospice Refugee Camp, but features somewhat higher level guards and refugees, and as such is good for those that wish to level further by doing Tannah's work after they are done with the Hospice camp.

The guards wear the almost-grandfathered Ofcol gear, for nostalgia's sake, and the refugees are generally without any gear.

Overall, it's a small area and is cleared easily.


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