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Rumors of darkness and doom surround the island citadel called Padmasa. Although part of the island is a bustling trading bazaar with visitors from all over the realm, legends speak of the 5 sinister Masters who gather in darkness below, and seek to control the power of an otherwordly force known only as The Doom.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Mega


Walking route from Aelmon: 41s, w (note: crosses water terrain).

Portaling point(s) suggested: Vapul (warning: aggressive), Imp Army (aggie), Administrator Gru-Dzek, Heruta Skash Gzug



Starting from the Sea of Strayed Hopes, one can encounter:

  • The Battlefield, with one dragon and one knight per room,
  • Padmasa courtyard, a large swarmy (mostly non-aggie) place with encircling walls, parapets and towers,
  • The Tetralobe, main building in the courtyard, which connects to the lower levels via a central shaft,
  • First underground layer, with stationary guards and four aggressive mesomasters,
  • Second underground layer, ending with the Unfinished Doom,
  • Third underground layer, notable as the residence of Administrator Gru-Dzek,
  • Fourth underground layer, with a short path to Doom,
  • Fifth underground layer, notable as the residence of Heruta Skash Gzug with four other masters beside him, and finally
  • Cockroach level, leading from unfinished and finished dooms back towards relative safety of the Padmasa courtyard.

Entire area is uncursed, feel free to recall and mercy as needed.


If you are using Vapul as the pp, be aware that Vapul is aggressive and backstabs, so use caution.

East from Vapul to fight the hall of masters. Each mob except Heruta is a spell caster (including disintegrate), but they do not assist. They are aggressive only to sleeping players. Heruta has a nectar and will eat corpses. This room is popular for area casters, and can usually rack 600-700xp at once.

2w from Vapul is the bottom of the Shaft. One level up the Shaft, go 3e and you'll be at Doom. The eyes, ears, and mouth of Doom are on the path and are aggressive but not difficult. Doom is portable so you might skip the guardians.

One layer further up is the shaft again and 2s is Administrator Gru-Dzek. The imps guarding his room are aggressive, but the administrator is popular target for the Wafer With Essence.

Up again is the floor with Unfinished Doom, a high-lowmort mob.

The room below the Unfinished Doom is the same room as below Doom. It is full of hard-hitting aggressive cockroaches who are corpse eaters. If caught and in mortal danger, flee northwards towards safety.

Up again frol Unfinished Doom's level is the first underground layer with exits to north, south, east, and west. One move in each direction takes you to two non-aggie Padmasa guards, who are decent xp and do not assist. One more move past the guards takes you to one of the four Mesomaster Scanners, who are aggressive and less xp than the guards.

Continuing to the top of the shaft, you can head 2n (to get the key that will allow you back through the bottom of the shaft) or east will take you to the top of Padmasa. This is a good area to exercise area spells, as the mobs are small but swarmy, easily reaching 6-7 per room. A few mobs will assist, and the pack of imps and the Magician Thrembode (you'll see his sanctuary aura on scan) will aggie.

Once at the corners of the Padmasa courtyard, you can head up to the walls; there are lots of trolls and imps up here. The trolls aggie and see sneak/movehidden/invis so target them.

Going eastish from the Tetralobe/Padmasa citadel are gates. There's a troll/imp set here. Three east from there is the pp of imp army, biggish aggie mob, as well as General Lukash, who can hit pretty hard but doesn't aggie. To the east and north of the army there are a five sets of dragons that are worth ok xp, but are sanced, aggie, and will tail. Each dragon has an attendant who is unsanced but also aggressive.

This area can be good for lowhero solo or lowmort groups, and has a couple of useful pieces of gear. A caster can play with df/acid rain in the courtyard, and the Doom, Administrator and Heruta's room are often farmed for the gear and consumables.


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