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Every sailor and merchantman has heard of Pyrrus Island, one of the most popular trading posts in the Pirate Seas. But, stories from the island's recent visitors are strange, telling of savage beasts that seem to attack humanoids on sight. Birds that breath fire, insects that deliver plague, even plants that will saw through armor. The tales of riches to be had trading spices and weapons at the outpost beckon to your greedy nature. But, do you risk the dangers there?

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Kenji


Walking route from Aelmon: 39s, 2w, s (note: crosses water terrain).

Portaling point(s) suggested: Human Healer (relatively safe room), Captain Shyl (note: wanders).



The area is a giant square. It is made up of the general compount (5 x 6 area), an upper part of the wall that surrounds it, and out side the compound. There is a small area below with a prisoner chained up.


When running for experience you can kill everything you meet. Be warned the human defenders assist. All the plants and animals poison.

This area can be a bit swarmy and some of the mobs hit pretty hard, esp. with poison hitting you (sometimes multiple instances of it at the same time). However it is all un-cursed and therefore easy to set recall, go sanc, and so on, so that helps. The rooms Into the Breach!, Break in the Wall, and Plant Tendril (next to each other) seem to collect particularly nasty swarms of mobs.


As of October 2011, the area features a small increase in experience gains, a moderate increase in mana regen, and a bit less loss of self on death.


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