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Deep in the heart of the elemental plane of water, a strange spherical anomaly formed and grew. Throughout the planescape, elementals were drawn to it and many became ensnared by the sorcery of the Twins, Nibnobe and Decly, who reside deep in the heart of the sphere. The Twins hope to combine the energies of the four elemental planes, using the synergistic elemental power to their own ends. Only the power of the Elemental Plane of Air has thus far resisted them, and its defenses are weakening. Time is short, venture there if you dare....

Builder: Yevaud


To get to the top of the sphere (first room of Reckoning, great place to regen), go 3dwd from Water shift. Down from there is the core, which is the center of the four elemental portions of the area.


The entrance to this area from water proper is one way. There are no other connections to any other areas.


From the core,

  • north is water
  • south is air
  • east is fire
  • west is earth

Fire and earth are nospell zones.


The spellable portions of this area can provide some very excellent exp for a group of 12 or so. Note that most of the water mobs wield, and most of the air mobs are gassy. Once your group starts to show signs of fatigue you should make your way back to the "top of the sphere" for regen. If there's too many mobs between your group and the regen spot I would suggest teleporting to water proper (pp wyrm - note: wyrms now tail) or planeshifting to Thorngate. This area is notorious for splattering groups who push their luck.

Besides exp, the other reason groups come here is to get a Lodestone. See Gear In Reckoning for more information.


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