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The Elemental Plane of Water is a plane consisting entirely of liquid. The beings that call this plane home are usually very peaceful unless summoned to another plane. There they either follow the commands of the one who summoned them or go berserk trying to find a way home. However, strange things have begun to happen in the Elemental Planes, and the Plane of Water is no different. Normally placid elementals have become violent beasts, attacking anyone and anything that invades their domain.

Builder: Crowe


Plane to Water.


Reckoning: 3dwd from shift.


maelstrom: s e from shift. Alternate directions include 4n e or 2n e n.

lloydable room (Stone Shelter): 2n e u. Or n e n u. Or s e s u (passing by Maelstrom on your way).

From stone shelter to maelstrom: d n.

The area is mostly a 4x4x4 or 5x5x5 cube, or so it seems. Not much bigger or smaller than that though, that's for sure.
There are a few minor irregularities in the exits. That is to say, you won't always get back to the same room if you backtrack your steps. If you run here more often, it's useful to know roughly where backtracking will and will not take tou back to where you came from.

If you go down from the stone shelter, the rooms e, se, s, sw, w, su, n and the stone shelter itself are all directly connected without any irregularities. So if the anchor is in place, that's a great set of rooms to get some xp in without getting lost. Feel free to expand this knowledge with more rooms connected here that allow backtracking. (I am pretty sure down from the shelter, 2 rooms in any direction are okay. ee, ww, nn, ss, dd. Need to check on ne, nw, nu, nd, en, es, eu, ed, wn, ws, wu, wd, sd.)


This is a nice place for a group of ~5 to get exp. It only has one sentinel mob at shift, and you can get a Ring Of Water by killing one of the three deadlies.

Almost every room in this area has eight exits. This creates two problems for us:

  • Sudden swarms can appear. Sometimes you can get away with running some small group exp here, but more often than not you get suddenly slammed by a huge wave. Sometimes this happens at shift, other times when spells are low.
  • This area is hard to regen in. Here are a few good places to regen:
    • Inside the maelstrom. From shift go s, e to reach the room with the maelstrom in it. Enter the maelstrom, deal with the surly (stabber), and regen. If you want to you can take on the water elemental ruler (who holds the tattoo) to the east. Otherwise your group must portal out.
    • The stone shelter: 2e n u from shift. This is the lloydable room on this plane. From here you can enter a nexus to Nothing if you choose.
    • Thorngate. If you win a fight by the skin of your teeth you might as well go back home and regen up proper. Consider making a shrine 2e. Retake shift when you're good and ready.
    • If you see a room with 3 invis mobs on scan (red eyes), that's icesphere room.

eventually these mobs will get their own pages, but for now here's the levels of some of the mobs in water proper:

Mob name Level Comment
A lesser Water Elemental 140  
A water elemental 142  
A large water elemental 145 Some are stabbers
A water viper 150  
A deadly Water Elemental 150 Some have bows, some have rings of water
A huge water elemental 155 Sentinel, some are thieves, some are casters
A storm wyrm 160 Wears storm-skin cloaks, has breath
The Greater Water Elemental 165 Shift mob, sentinel
A surly water elemental 175 Stabber

Frost Giant Quest

Get a group together of approx 6-10 People .

Shift for this run is Water . After shift you will need to Portal to Rholm to start the Quest .

When you start the quest Rholm will tell you of an area that has been frozen by a powerful spirit .

At this point Shift home and regen . Shift again to water and find the Ice Efreet . When the giant in question walks into the room it will say

upon entering the room with Ice Effreet The Essence of the Frost flows through <giant name here>! <giant name here> roars with pleasure!

At this point you could theoretically flee and return to Rholm , however you can kill the efreet first and get his loot.

PP back to Rholm and He will tell you that you have discovered your Elemental Essence. He will ask if you are ready to become a Frost Giant . Say Ready and go through the process. At the end of the process he will ask if you wish to Re-roll . The choice is completely yours . When I went through it I did and gained double my mana (up to 1100 now) and lost 2.3 K HP .


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