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At the farthest known reaches of the ocean, at the very edge of mortal endurance, there is said to be a swath of calm water where the wind abates, and where careless crews may find their ships hopelessly adrift.

Only the wisest and toughest seafarers, whose skills have been honed through generations of tradition, can safely navigate the treacherous Rim of the Sea of Strayed hopes. Beyond lies the realm of living myth, from where no mortal ships have returned, where the sea gods of the islanders still roam free.

The domains of man and myth mingle on the Rim. Adventurers should expect brushes not only with gods, but also terrifying monsters that might pass for them, and with other impudent mortals who dare seek their fortunes in the shadows of giants.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Scevine


This area is not directly connected to the existing map.

Start by finding practitioners of old island traditions, for one. Do note that since ordinary travel to the Rim is so perilous, you may have to do some work to even secure passage. -- Scevine

Opening up the Rim (only once required post reboot): Show text

Getting yourself to The Rim (required every time for group leader to enter the area):Show text




Area can be roughly divided into 3 major parts:

  1. Rim Proper: Arriving near the center, most of this block is The Very Rim of the Sea, that's weirdly connected into wavelike mesh. Southern part features one way connections to bloody waters and to get back one needs to visit the south-western mini-maze that apparently has random rooms.
  2. Lonely pocket of cool water: This part is reachable by wandering through the fog. Here is a safeish-looking infirmary with two questgivers, where one can respell and regen. Also in this block a small derelict ship appears at night, though the mechanics are yet unknown.
  3. Calm Windless sea: Also connected to the fog, this part features a lot of very aggie and dangerous mobs that use nasty abilities. Entire part appears to be another random maze, but it ends with some southern-looking rooms that have the Storm Wyrm at their end - a large and nasty mob. No regen-friendly rooms have been found so far.

Fog is the separator between sea rooms and the two distinct blocks beyond it (Pocket and Windless Sea, respectively). The fog itself is a random maze.

How to get into the fog?

Entrances to the fog appear and disappear randomly throughout the The Very Rim of the Sea rooms - the northeastern corner of Rim Proper. Sometimes scanning helps but due to general swarminess best bet is to just wander blindly and keep fingers crossed. Speedwalking helps - traverse each row of The Very Rim of the Sea until you accidentally find yourself in the fog. If you speedwalk right though it, go back to reenter it.

Once in the fog, where to next?

Fog has two "layers":

  1. The Unexpected Fog Bank, which leads to Rim Proper and the Calm Windless Sea (scan for imps/mephits to recognize the Windless Sea as opposed to Rim Proper exits)
  2. Lost in the Fog, which leads to Lonely Pocket of Cool Water, where you can find the disappearing ship and the two questgivers.

Traversing from one "layer" of fog to the next is a matter of scanning for sub-area specific mobs and blind luck.


The mobs here are high level (85+) and so they are worth a lot of xp, but they are tough to kill and they hit hard. They are also mostly aggressive, and in some cases actively seek out and hunt you. At least one mob (A southern white finned rorqual) takes no damage from splinter stones/arrows/bolts and also disarms.

There are at least three reasonably safe spots to heal up and respell, if you do not wish to leave the area - the entrance point, the top of the crow's nest, and the dhow in the Pocket of Cool Water block. None of these rooms are safe or mob-proof.

It is recommended to bring a boat in this area, as entire area is cursed and getting to it takes a bit of money and more importantly time.

There is at least one mob which carries a water breathing quaff.

There are a number of interesting and unusual things that can happen in this area. Some seem random, some based on time of day, some on the weather, perhaps other things yet to be discovered.


Warning: This area is all no-quit, no-linkrefresh, cursed (and thus no Sanctum either). Teleport/portal out is still available.

This area was added on 10th of February 2013.


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