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For many generations, sailors have been coming to this particular temple of Shizaga in hopes that through their offerings, they can been assured safe passage through the seas. While small in size, this alabaster temple has always been an important landmark between Midgaard to the north and the coastal city to the south.

Level Range: 30-35

Builder: Zahri


Walking route from Aelmon: 19s, w.

Speedwalk route from Aelmon with some clients: s=s=s=s=s=s=s=s=s=s=s=s=s=s=s=s=s=s=s=w

Portaling point(s) suggested: Huran representative.


The Temple is reached west from the Ocean Trade Route, just north of Mervue.


A small area, the temple proper is basically laid out in a 3x3 block, with the Entrance just off to the east before leaving for the Ocean Trade Route. There is also a second floor built around the dome. Notable features are a pool in the Center of Shizaga's Temple and if you go up, you can reach Inside the Alabaster Dome.


This area was expanded in March 2013 with the creation of a second floor. This area is ideal for soloing or duoing casters, as there are not too many hard hitting mobs. Only one mob is sanc'd (the representative of Huran) and no mobs have special casting ability.

The Priestess carrying alms in a basket at the entrance is one of the easiest to defeat and is a good gauge for how you will fare fighting the rest of the mobs. Apart from Huran, the attendants are the toughest. If you are good align, it's worth visiting the Igecsoz youths in the dome above the pool, as they are the only evil mobs in the area and judicious killing of them can keep your alignment up for longer without needing a break. The youths will assist if you are level 26 or higher. The Huran Representative will also fix your align a little, if you are good, and he is quite nice xp although he is a lot tougher than the other mobs in the area.

A good alternative levelling area if Oddities is unavailable, or has got stale.


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