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While many Archers are free-roaming individualists communing with nature and not above hugging the occasional tree, some of the more populous races put those talents to work in a more disciplined, rigid, military capacity. Soldiers lose out on some of the Archer's wilderness survival skills, being mostly trained to defend castles and other developed areas, but gain some unique new ones in return. Their discipline makes them skilled leaders, and they can even impart some of their skills to other group-mates. Many races train their soldiers with crossbows instead of bows. Like all Prestige Classes, they retain the original class's Prime Requisite, in this case, Dexterity.

Soldiers are far too law-abiding to ever become Assassins, but occasionally, that fervor for law leads them to trade their crossbows for great swords and become Paladins, albeit at a higher level than Warriors.

Abbreviation: Sld.

Base Class: Archer.

Prime Requisite: Dexterity.

Soldiers in General

Soldier Creation


  • Level 50 Archer
  • base con of 14 (13 with devotion needs tested)
  • practice lead party
  • Prove your worth to Snapdragon in the form of socials
  • Character description must be blank.

elf: Sergeant Snapdragon says 'Your race has a glorious military history... but it's just that. History.'

Hob: Sergeant Snapdragon exclaims 'Oh wow. Look at you! Big fancy race, huh? Gotta be something special, huh? Well, life as a Soldier ain't for you, precious!'

hel: Sergeant Snapdragon says 'You think you're tough enough? Well, I don't, cadet! Now drop and gimme... no, you know what? Go make me a doily. That seems more your speed.'

-- The doily comment indicates a lack of con. SLDs need a lowmort base con of 14 (13 with devotion needs to be tested) in order to pass this step. This likely means available creatable races are DGN, DUE, DWF, GNO, HOR, HAR, HUM, KZN, LIZ, ORC, TRG, OGR, GIA, GAR, DRC. Snapdragon does deny certain races (even with 14 base CEN), so this list likely encompasses some that she will deny (I assume ENT would be denied...someone make an archer ENT and confirm please). CONFIRMED RACES: HOR, LIZ, ORC, DWF

Soldiers at Hero Tier


Train attributes in the usual order for non-casters: wisdom, constitution, and then intelligence. You can leave strength (which will give a HR bonus) and dexterity (AC bonus) for later.


Practice all the important skills first: transportation spells, sanctuary/frenzy, pass door, fly, water breathing, cure spells, sneak, move hidden, dodge.


Worship and devotion choices are identical to archers (to be confirmed).

See: Archer Worship and Archer Devoting for more information.


Soloing: TBD

Tanking: TBD

Hitting: TBD

Healing: TBD.

Soldiers and UD

One more thing to keep in mind is that unlike archers, soldiers cannot skin the Ultimate Dragon for Ultimate Archer's Gauntlet.

If you are intent on getting this important piece of archer gear, only two options are available:

  • use a regular archer to defeat UD and skin the gauntlet, then remort and become a solider,
  • defeat UD as a creatable archer and then descend and become a soldier - solution for remaining chosen race.

Soldiers at Lord Tier

See Archers at lord tier.

Soldier Remort Options


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