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The Prime Requisite of a character is the ability score which affects and modifies his capabilities most. Every class has its own prime requisite. The most immediate affect a prime requisite has is that it starts one point higher than your other ability scores do. Noting that all ability scores start at 13, this means your prime requisite starts at 14 (which can be further modified due to the racial modifiers which are immediately applied at time of creation of your character.) The second most immediate affect the prime requisite has is that is trainable 3 points higher than your other ability scores. I.e., the prime requisite for a human of any class is trainable to 24, instead of their normal maximum of 21. Even though your prime requisite is important, please note that all ability scores affect your character in one way or another. Without a high constitution you'll find your hit points gained per level is low, without high wisdom your practices gained per level will be low, etc, etc.

Prime Requisite and Classes
  Str Int Wis Dex Con
Creatable war mag
cle arc
Prestige bod stm
dru bci
Remort bzk
prs none none