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This desolate region, once a lush and verdant world, was lost to time and history millenia ago. It's beautiful countryside and forests of ash and yew were annihilated during a conflict of unknown origin. Now, all that is left is ash and char. The once great world, naught but a tomb for those who live here.

In recent years, the ascendance of the Pain Elementals under the Fae witch Lishtraka has been cause for concern. That she exists in this time and place can only be the result of Noctopia's resurrection and reemergence. Perhaps now the gateway to this wasteland can also be found anew. Perhaps now a race will rise to challenge Lishtraka and her vile creations.

Lord 1 Firedrake Quest

The only reason you will be here is for the Lord 1 Firedrake Evolution quest. Suggested group size is 12-15. There are three things you need to do to complete this evolution quest successfully.

  1. Start the quest by talking to Daxtraul, who is in a private room. He should give you a shattering orb after a lengthy mobprog.
  2. Find and kill Lezvaxush two/three times to get more shattering orbs. You need 3 total.
  3. Find your way to the citadel and kill the quest mob.

To get here, shift to Earthrealm and head e2n, then enter gateway. This will take you to the beginning of Soulchar Desolation.

From the entrance, head dwnw to get to Daxtraul. From here, head back ese to get back into the main area. This area is a random maze that resets on repop, so you may need to navigate it multiple times. Drop a coin in the first room to help you navigate it like other mazes. You are looking for a scan that shows "gibbering fiends." Head that direction when you find it, then head 2d to kill Lezvaxush. You will need to camp him for one repop in order to get 3 shattering orbs. If for some reason you missed out on the first one, you'll have to camp him 3 times.

After you have 3 shattering orbs, make your way 2u and back out into the maze. Wander around, looking for a scan that yields "Citadel Guardians" on scan. Head that way to enter the citadel. Your final destination is the locked down you will immediately see when you enter, but you first need to spawn the key. Spawning the key is still a bit unclear; you either need to kill everything in the citadel, or kill all mobs in the 2x2 library that is upstairs. Once you spawn the key, you will probably want to try and regen a bit before the boss.

Once you are regen'd, unlock down and go down to talk to the mob. He will mobprog and talk about some stuff, after which the firedrake will need to give him 3 shattering orbs (He will babble randomly after each one). Once the third orb is given to him, he will attack you. He can cast inferno, which can hit ERAD or so at the top end. This will kill your small casters immediately if you are unlucky. You probably want to bring beefier casters if possible. Alternatively, bring a LsE and suffocate him to remove the problem.

I don't think you need to go back to Daxtraul to finish the quest, just go back to Mid and evolve. Also note that the 3 orbs do not get consumed and you will loot them upon killing the boss, so if you are nice you can give them to someone you think will be around the game for a long long time to use the next time someone wants to do this quest, so they don't need to camp Lezvaxush.

Final note is that I vaguely remember some rooms being noregen; if you find these, please add them. You dont need to talk to Daxtraul, go straight to final room. After you get the item, "a blood crystal", to Ashoreus, you can evolve.

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