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Sailors whisper of a tempest unlike any other, always centred upon a remote islet, deserted and storm-lashed for decades. Some attribute the howling winds and sleet to an ancient curse, laid decades ago in spite by an evil power. Regardless of its origin, the tempest of tainted isle has wrecked many a ship and made widows of sailors throughout living memory. An intrepid adventurer could lay the bane to rest, perhaps... Yet such a one must be both brave - and very lucky.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Wiseman


Walking route from Aelmon: 40s, w (note: crosses water terrain).

Portaling point(s) suggested: surf.


Sea of Strayed Hopes


Tainted Isle consists of four areas; the cove, the jungle plateau, the windswept plateau and the tunnel. Following the walking directions from Aelmon will bring you into the southern end of the cove. Once on the beach to the north-west, a narrow trail (private) leads up to the south-westernmost room of the jungle plateau.

In the north-westernmost room of the jungle a second narrow trail (private) leads up to the windswept plateau. Before ascending, a tired adventurer might pause a moment to rest between some sheltering boulders to the south.

The windsept plateau is entered at the far west. Following it east and south will lead you to the eye of the storm, which never moves from the plateau. Here one can descend into the tunnel that leads into the heart of the isle which is cursed and has a few aggressive mobs that detect invis.



As of October 2011, the area features a small increase in experience gains, a moderate increase in hp regeneration, and no loss of self on death.


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