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Once, Midgaard was the home of a great temple dedicated to the immortals of Avatar. It was enormous, containing the Cleric Guild, a massive library, and the statues of the Immortals of Avatar. Now, its once massive dome is no more. The temple became the property of Tul-Sith, goddess of healing, and Werredan, god of war. Their priests and clerics have hired the best architects and masons the world has ever known to build the new grand temple. Home to both groups of clerics and to their guards, the new structure is a site to behold. It has public sanctuaries, where the devote can worship, along with private areas for the clerics, priests, guards and their staff. Beware, the Temples are under the protection of the King of Midgaard.

Level Range: 20-35

Builder: Cerdwyn

This area was added in 2006 Nov.


Walking route from Sol: 3e, s, 3e, 3s, 5e, n, 12e, n.

Walking route from Aelmon: 5w, n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: High Priest guildmaster.


This area connects to Midgaard.


This area houses the Cleric's guild, found on the first west fork immediately after entering the Temple. The west half of the temple is for Tul-Sith, while the east half is for Werredan. The halves are essentially mirror images. Both halves have three floors.


This area replaces the Temple of AVATAR.

There are a few mobs at the bottom floor that can be killed for exp. The upper floors have some bigger mobs, as well as some gear. However, the gear is nothing special, and it is not possible to access the upper floors unless one has Pick Lock or Pass Door, or if one uses Teleport to reach a mob on the upper floor. Oddly, the keys to access the upper floors are on mobs found on the upper floors.

This area is not the greatest for exp due to its low mob count, and the fact that many of the mobs are citizens. The gear is not spectacular, either. In the future, this area may be used in conjunction with Worship.


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