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Atop the domed roof of the Temple of Avatar stand several very old, very unstable towers of stone. Occasionally, stones from these towers will come loose, slide down the curve of the dome and brain a passing citizen. Some say Gargoyles throw these rocks.

Level Range: 25-30

Builder: Dev


Walking route from Aelmon: 5w, 2n, w, 3n, {w}, {s}, {s}, u, s, 2u.

Portaling point(s) suggested: fat gargoyle.




A nice rarely-run area, suitable to be soloed from about 20 on with a few spells.

To walk to this area, you need the key on the paladin guard. He is a lawful mob; attacking him will make you an outlaw. You cannot use pass door.

When you reach the spires, be careful of a few mobs. One is the Anthropomorphic Dragon Gargoyle, which hits a lot harder than the others. If you choose to enter any of the towers, make sure you don't wander into The Game, unless you REALLY wanna die.

You can find the hidden hunchback here, and he has a bent and mangled ring, which is excellent hitgear if you are evil or get it harmonized or faded.

The mobs in this area are not strongly aligned, making it easier to maintain evil or neutral alignment.


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