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Some say that we are all merely pawns in a grand chess game played by the Immortals. Some say that even the greatest of our Realm's Heroes and Lords and Ladies are merely playing pieces of the Great Gods upon the Chessboard of Destiny. Others say this chessboard floats on a cloud over Midgaard, but few believe such a crazy tale.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Dev


Walking route from Aelmon: 5w, 2n, w, 3n, {w}, {s}, {s}, u, s, 5u, w, s, e, 2s, 2e, [u], 5u.

Walking route from fat gargoyle: [u], 5u.

Portaling point(s) suggested: none.



It's a 8 by 8 grid! A chess board. Shizaga is to the west and Bhyss is to the east.


Area works just like a chess board - eight by eight squares. When running here pretty much wander and kill. One problem with this area is a lack of mobs (only 32), and also avoid bringing large groupies to this area with 3000hp+ if you can since Shizaga's pawns are doppelgangers and will copy at random.

Area is good experience for low heroes, if you can kill fast and not become unlucky. It is also known to get swarmy. It is important to learn which mobs are aggie and which are not when running here.

  • Aggie Mobs: Queens (note: avoid fighting these, they are high level and can seriously hurt the tank/groupies), knights, and Shizaga pawns (note: Shizaga pawns will clone groupies; this is why you should avoid large groupies).
  • Non-Aggie Mobs: Kings, rooks (note: rooks are also large mobs but a decent group can take them), bishops, and Bhyss pawns.


As of October 2011, the area features a small increase in experience gains and a bit less loss of self on death.


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