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In the aftermath of the Stone Against the Spiders War, the city of the drow was decimated and most of the drow were slain or enslaved by the victorious duergar forces of King Domi. One noble House, their followers and a significant proportion of the common drow inhabitants of the city managed to escape however, and fled to the surface to begin their lives anew.

Amongst the vallenwood trees in the southern portions of the Westwood they have found a new home and perhaps for the first time since the High Drow abandoned the surface, the dark elves have returned in force to the lands above.

Level Range: 23-28

Builder: Izanagi

This area was added in 2010 Nov.


Walking route from Sol: ???.

Walking route from Aelmon: ???.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Septarch Envy.


This area connects to:


Area is comprised of two distinct parts - the ground level with the Drow spies and guards, and four big valenwood trees with Drow habitats of different function on each.

The three smaller terraces that can be climbed to from the ground level all connect to the large one around the central tree via rope bridges. From the central valenwood tree one can also climb upwards to reach the Airways.


Area has only a few aggies - the guards in the guard posts on your way upwards to the village proper. These guard posts are skipped automatically while descending.

Thus, the area is made mostly for exploration, where you will be able to see a hilarious and a serious story at the same time, of the Drow that are trying oh-so-hard to adapt to their new environment after they lost the war with the invading Duergar force. As such, the story-arc directly ties in with the Graw Akkuurattaan happenings, and both share tie-in quests. It is recommended you first do the Graw side as it's intended for a few level's smaller characters than this one.

If you so desire, once you finish all the relavant quests and gather all the insignia (remember that the spoilers on this page show only some possible solutions!), feel free to run the area for xp as most of the drow are evil (no matter how much they try), but keep in mind that military oriented Drow inhabitants also carry weapons of some kind, and that Septarchs are not the Drow leaders without reason.


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