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There is a small path through the woods between the Oak Circle and Solace to the west. For reasons known only to himself, Solace's Fewmaster Toede has built a crude wall smack in the middle of this path, and declared that none may be allowed to pass.

Level Range: 8-9

Builder: Crom


Walking route from Sol: n, w, [w], 2w, s, d, w, u, n, 3w, 2s.

Portaling point(s) suggested: hobgoblin flunky (note: there are many in various areas).


This small area connects with Oak Circle, Crystalmir Lake and Tiureess.


Travelling from north (Oak Circle) to south (Crystalmir Lake) explorers will find their way blocked by the wall which gives its name to this area. Fortunately, a deer path skirts the wall to the west and will rejoin the main path a short way south of the wall. The deer path also holds a western trail which leads into Tiureess.

The reverse journey, travelling from south to north is much easier, as the wall is climbable from this direction, and you can drop down on the other side and continue your journey. Of course, the deer path is also available if you wish to avoid the hobgoblins all together.

This area is most useful as a speedy way to walk between the Westwood (via either Oak Circle or Tiureess and the western part of Crystalmir Lake which leads to Paradise Point without having to travel back to Stonehall and use the White Stone Road or pass through, or around Solace.


With very few mobs, this is not a good area to run for experience. It can, however, provide a convenient location for realigning to good for those levelling in Oak Circle, a few mobs while waiting for a repop, or some variation xp for races with high tnl who are beginning to see a drop in their xp after killing the same mobs thirty times in the same reboot.


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