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Said to be used by pirates, this fertile island is usually avoided by merchant vessels. Lately rumors have been spreading that even the pirates are now avoiding it but no reason has been forthcoming from any of those sources.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Jaromil


Walking route from Aelmon: 35s, 6e, s, 2e, n, e, n (note: crosses water terrain).

Portaling point(s) suggested: an Ohia Lehua tree (warning: aggressive). There are two Ohia Lehua trees, one of which is in a cursed room. So you might need to use 2.lehua.

Alternatively, portal to little crab and go s, e, n, e, n.



The area is roughly rectangular and mostly cursed. There is a shack 2e from the uncursed ohia lehua tree, which contains more mobs (enter shack to get inside). There is also a down exit which leads to Sem Vida.


This area is a big area full of nasty aggie mobs but also offers incredibly rewarding xp.

It consists of two types of mobs, plants and geckos. The geckos are non-aggie, wimpy and low xp. The plants are big and aggressive. Many of the mobs here have protection, so you won't hit well. Most of the mobs wander and the area can be very swarmy. Many plants cast spells and some wield. There are also a couple of invis stabbing vines, which also wield and can stab for over 3k hp. One problem with this area is that is it is relatively small, which means that you cannot do a full run here.

Overall, you need a group with many biggish hitters, but it can be very good xp.


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