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Long ago, when the world was young, the High Elves were creators. With their powerful magic they shaped and created beings, what today are called nixies and pixies. But alas, with any powerful magic, there are successes and there are failures. The elves, in the compassion, could not destroy their mistakes and long pondered what should be done with these misshapen creatures which have come to be known as gremlins. It was decided that the gremlins would be exiled, free to live their lives away from anyone. The High Elves agonized over their decision, weeping at the fate that they had bestowed on the gremlins. From their agony sprung the River of Tears, in the middle of which exists an island where the gremlins have lived since ancient times. For their imprisonment the gremlins hate the elves but, alas, they are too fearful to leave their island. In gremlin lore it is said that only Jacros, gremlin hero, has ever had the courage to cross the fearful River of Tears and strike back against the High Elves and the Kingdom of the Willows.

Level Range: 6-10

Builder: Yevaud


Walking route from Sol: 3e, 2n, 3e, n, e.

Portaling point(s) suggested: gremlin Bawanna.


This area is connected to Highways/Great Wall.


The Weeping is a fairly large area divided roughly into two different sections - the wilderness, with wolves and deer, and the gremlin island with lots of gremlins.


Immediately east of the entrace the trail will split into north and south directions; the northward path will bring you past numerous buck, wolves, and a doe's den, eventually leading to a dead end. The south path will branch east and bring you past more buck and wolves eventually leading to the gremlin island. After taking the initial south turn, the next south branch curves back around west to an aggy female wolf, who is not terribly difficult.

These four groups of mobs make up the first half of the area. Their approximate difficulty, in increasing order is:

  • doe
  • buck
  • wolf
  • she-wolf

Continuing east and north will eventually land you on the gremlin island, where there are a ton of gremlins for the killing. None are difficult, and they should be good and fast xp for lv. 5-7. Be warned, however, that they do have the tendancy to assist, so be careful in large rooms, especially if you are low on HP.

There are a couple of rooms of interest near the centre of the gremlin island; the kitchen, nearly in the centre of the island, leads down to the source of the gremlin water, which is free lowmort giant strength if you drink. As well, there are two closed doors in separate rooms near the centre of the island: one leading north and one leading south.

Through the south door will take you to two guards (a bit tougher with wield/shield but not aggy). You can go east and then up, but watch for a hidden aggy troll guardian (room name Gloom and Doom, "hidden danger" on scan if you have detect hidden). He is a bit tougher than the rest of the mobs and will get the first hit in if you dont have detect hidden or an areaspell. Up again from here will take you to an ancient elf, who holds a ticket for an item (the target of which is easy to discern, but not easy to locate unless you are very familiar with the MUD or have teleport).

Back and through the north door lands you in the court of the gremlin king. West and down from the king will land you in the shrine of Jacros; watch for an aggy hidden keeper of the statue. In the statue's hand you'll find another ticket for another obscure item.

Overall a great area, especially if you stay in the midst of the plentiful gremlins. It is home to a couple of useful low level ac pieces, namely the tunic of lichen and the sharpened willow stick.


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