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more wis = more pracs (see Wisdom). wis gear is your friend.

Particularly Useful Wisdom Gear:

Levels 01-10:
Golden Feather, Linen Robe, Official Cult Of Bonk Hat, Bloodstained Trousers, Pixie Crossbow (For archers)

Levels 11-20:
Orb Of Faerie Magic, Rabbitskin Belt, Wreath Of Laurels

Levels 21-30:
Holy Symbol Of Bahamut, Chronicler's Ring, Evil Thoughts

Levels 31-40:
Gold Dragon Orb

Levels 41-50:

Hero Level:
Silver Crucifix, Mantle Of The Master Archivist (nice because it also has int, mana, base AC, and -20 AC), Essence Of A Soul (for evil characters)